Please Send Eve to School

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UPDATE: Thanks to all of your generous help and support, we've managed to stay in school for another semester. Eve is going to be able to take the final two classes necessary for getting her a background painting/layout portfolio. We appreciate all the well-wishes, the loans, and the art that you've bought.

We are still going to have to pay off our loans, so please feel free to keep shopping. We have, however, managed to start up a site that is going to function as our storefront for both of our artwork, as well as a small press and potentially a distro (but that's far down the line if it even happens). We are pleased to introduce Monkey + Seal.

Please check out the site, read our blog to stay updated on what's going on with Eve's artistic quest, and sign up for the monthly newsletter.

Thank you again, to everyone who has supported us financially or otherwise.


Rick & Eve